Who are we?

Nexus LCM is the meeting point of the standards, technologies and services that enable logistic process and data interoperability across various disciplines and organizations

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Joint and multinational military operations require collaborative management (e.g., planning, transportation, deployment) of physical and human resources in rapidly evolving logistical and operational environments. Resource management relies on numerous complex and disconnected information systems that need to communicate.

Lack of system integration is currently overcome by labor intensive manual data reconciliation, resulting in significant overhead, suboptimal response time, and reduced overall quality. These challenges are preventing leaders from making timely and informed decisions in critical times. This needs to be overcome for increased quality and efficiency.

Our understanding of the systems, information flows, and environments in which they occur is the key to your success.

From planning to deployment in the operational areas, we provide automated system integration to give you high quality data in a timely fashion, reducing overhead and response time. Because every enterprise is unique, our solution can be tailored to your unique needs, partners, and constraints.

We help military leaders make reliable and educated decisions when it matters.

The Nexus Team

Our team has decades of experience in integrating complex defense information system. Discover below some of the members of our team.

Joel Battistoni is a retired Marine Corps Avionics Maintenance Officer and Logistics Planner, a former Assistant Program Manager for Logistics (APML) for a major Navy acquisition program, and a Joint and Multinational exercise planner. He has worked in Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Joint billets, as well as for the largest and smallest industry partners. He brings this experience of overcoming challenges planning and coordinating complex operations, as well as his Engineering and Management education to address our Client’s policy, process and technology challenges.

Alfonso Crescenzo specializes in the planning and execution of NATO Movements, Transportation and Logistics at the strategic and operational levels. This includes the use of NATO Logistics Functional Services (LOGFAS) suite of programs in support of NATO Operations, Training and Exercises. He has delivered LOGFAS training and support to the following Ministry of Defence: Albania, Denmark, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro and USA. He has also provided advice to the NCI Agency (NCIA) and MoD Italy for the further development and implementation of LOGFAS. He is a qualified ADP specialist and was a career Warrant Officer in the Italian Air Force with 26 years of service in command and staff positions at tactical and operational levels worldwide, including 7 years as the Senior Military LOGFAS Instructor and 4 years as a Contractor at the NATO Communications and Information Systems School (NCISS) at Latina, Italy where he was responsible for all aspects, from planning, preparation and delivery of LOGFAS Training and related support activities.