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What is a Logistics COP

Command and Control relies on high-quality logistics and operation data for critical decision making Military leaders and their staff must make decisions to effectively command and control the diverse capabilities of a joint or multinational force in complex environments. The US Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms defines Command and Control (C2) as: The exercise of authority and direction by a properly designated commander over assigned and attached forces in the…

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Why interoperability matters

Definitions of interoperability In Joint Publication 6, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) defines interoperability as the condition achieved among communications-electronics systems or items of communications-electronics equipment when information or services can be exchanged directly and satisfactorily between them and/or their users. In NATO Glossary of Terms and Definitions, NATO defines interoperability as the ability of Alliance forces and, when appropriate, forces of…

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What is LOGFAS

What is LOGFAS? Logistics Functional Area Services (LOGFAS) is the suite of tools supporting NATO logistics processes for strategic movement and transportation, multinational deployment planning and execution, in-theatre movement scheduling, and sustainment planning. It is developed, maintained and supported by the Service Support and Business Application of NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA). Why is LOGFAS important? NATO LOGFAS is the cornerstone of multinational and joint…

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JEDI-X DoD White Paper

The CJCS National Military Strategy identifies the need for interoperability in the Dynamic Force Employment (DFE). It states that Building a strong, agile, and resilient force requires better interoperability and enhancing the combat lethality and survivability of our allies and partners. In the US Army, Army Futures Command leads a continuous transformation of Army modernization in order to provide future warfighters with the concepts, capabilities and organizational structures they need to…

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