JEDI-XJoint Enterprise Data Interoperability

The US Army is already using JEDI-X to input data into LOGFAS − what about you?

JEDI-X Logo with the world

The JEDI-X interoperability capability encompasses a business transformation framework and a tailored software solution

The JEDI-X capability maximizes the value of your data by improving its discoverability and re−use across information systems and functional or organizational barriers

The JEDI-X software can run in the background, providing transparent integration with other systems and their data, and supports manual and automated data transactions



JEDI-LOGFAS, the JEDI-X software solution already in use by the US Army and US European Command, can:

  • Augment data from national systems to support interoperability with joint and multinational partners
  • Support complex data transactions spanning multiple national systems
  • Produce high-quality data with automated and customizable processing, validation, and reporting

LOGFAS is developed, maintained and supported by the Service Support and Business Application of the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA). Data produced by JEDI-LOGFAS has been reviewed by the NCIA.

JEDI-X has been approved for use on both classified and unclassified DoD networks.