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Realize the power of LOGFAS in planning and executing complex multinational operations and exercises

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Do You Ask Yourself:

Where do I start?

LOGFAS is a complex system with multiple modules, how to get started?

How can I have my national data in LOGFAS to share information with my partners?

My data is already in my national systems. What is the best way to push my data in LOGFAS? There are several data import mechanisms (manual entry, XML, Excel). Which one is the best for my mission and will be the easiest to use?

How can I build a LOGFAS database following the NATO process?

What are the best practices to follow when building data in LOGFAS? What is the minimal data required?

How can I get someone to help with a specific question of LOGFAS?

What is a Detailed Deployment Plan? What is a Reportable Item Code? What are the new features of the Sustainment Planning Module?

Publish your national data in LOGFAS directly from your national systems


  • Identification, analysis and documentation of how your existing business process can support the usage of LOGFAS
  • Data analysis, modeling and translation using the data model of the LOGFAS XML Interoperability format, and the LOGFAS database (LOGBASE) schema
  • Software solution based on files exchange (XML, Excel, raw data), Web services, or direct LOGBASE integration
  • LOGFAS training adapted to your needs & best practices on how to use LOGFAS
  • Decision support optimizing the usage of LOGFAS using JEDI MN LOG COP