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Realize the power of LOGFAS in planning and executing complex multinational operations and exercises

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Do You Ask Yourself:

Where to start

Where do I get LOGFAS?
What LOGFAS modules do I need to support my processes?

How to import your national data into LOGFAS

What is the best way to integrate my existing national data into LOGFAS?
There are several data import mechanisms (manual entry, XML, Excel). Which one is the best suited for my organization?

How to build a NATO-compliant LOGFAS database

What are the best practices to follow when building data in LOGFAS?
What are the essential data requirements for how I intend to use LOGFAS, and when are they needed in the planning process?

Where to get LOGFAS help and access to experts

What is a Detailed Deployment Plan (DDP)?
What is a Reportable Item Code?
What are the new features of the Sustainment Planning Module (SPM)?

Publish your national data in LOGFAS directly from your national systems


Our LOGFAS training services:

  • Mobile Training Teams (MTT): host our LOGFAS instructors for a live and face-to-face training, available worldwide at any of your locations
  • Remote Learning Capability (RLC) with 2 options to choose from:
    • Self-paced learning: progress at your own pace using our online learning platform
    • Live remote training: follow and interact with our instructors in live remote sessions

Our LOGFAS consulting services:

  • Identification, analysis and documentation of how your existing business process can support the usage of LOGFAS
  • Data analysis, modeling and translation using the data model of the LOGFAS XML Interoperability format, and the LOGFAS database (LOGBASE) schema
  • Interoperability solution based on files exchange (XML, Excel, raw data), Web services, or direct LOGBASE integration
  • LOGFAS Integration support planning and validation within exercises
  • Decision support optimizing the usage of LOGFAS using JEDI MNLOGCOP