Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services are based on years of experience in integrating complex defense information systems and in using the most efficient and suitable solution in various environment

Consulting Services

We enable joint and multinational partners to provide their leadership with high−quality logistics and operation data for critical decision making. By understanding your internal processes and IT infrastructure, we securely integrate your information systems to quickly access logistics and operation data that matters.

Consulting Services

Our premise is to leverage open, commercial standards where available to enable business and Government customers to use their choice of applications for each functional discipline.

We work with standards bodies, application developers, and industry-specific specialists on behalf of our customers to support implementation of tailored solutions.

Our process:

  • Identify the data that support your policies, processes, systems and organizations
  • Identify the information sharing and exchange requirements for each stakeholder to perform their functions
  • Map the processes with associated information requirements through the systems to identify current data management gaps
  • Develop a solution to maximize use of current systems, through use of standards-based information exchanges
  • Identify key points for automation to improve data acquisition and data quality
  • Implement the solutions based upon your preferences

Life Cycle Management (LCM) is a culmination of all of the activities required from concept inception through production, usage and eventually retirement and disposal of any complex equipment. Complex equipment examples: aircraft, vehicles, software, industrial systems, weapon systems, communications systems, distribution networks.