Learning LOGFAS from your Home Station or your Home Office?

As the world slowly recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic and the way it has changed our lives, some changes are meant to persist. Among other things, 2020 will be remembered as the year during which working and interacting with others changed. This major shift has required organizations to develop and adapt to new communication strategies and tools (e.g., videoconference platforms) to continue to perform their duties and support services they offer, remotely.

This forced us to rethink our LOGFAS training program and besides our Mobile Training Teams (MTT), to develop the Nexus Remote Learning Capability (RLC) for LOGFAS, offering our customers more flexibility and less risk in planning and executing training events.

What are my LOGFAS training options?

Remote Learning Capability for LOGFAS

With new work environments and constraints, the Nexus RLC comes with two options: self-paced learning and live remote training.

The self-paced learning, offered through an e-learning platform, lets you enjoy video-based LOGFAS classes at your own pace and provides an ideal and flexible solution to busy participants who cannot always attend continuous days of training. It also is ideal for low-volume training, where filling an entire class for an MTT is impractical. This option comes with online quizzes and exercises to validate your newly acquired knowledge and a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

LOGFAS self-paced learning offered through an e-learning platform

The live remote training is a more traditional option that provides interactive courses with our instructors in live, remote sessions, using a videoconference platform of your choice. The live remote training also gives you access to live feedback from the instructors. This format is an ideal solution for small to large groups but can be constrained by the availability of our instructors.

LOGFAS live remote training at Fort Carson, CO

Mobile Training Teams

The Mobile Training Teams are still available and represent the best choice for groups up to about 25 students in the same physical location. This format allows you to host the training sessions at a facility of your choice, to meet your logistics (we support training worldwide) and security requirements (our training staff holds NATO clearances). This option, however, may be constrained by instructor availability and international travel restrictions.

LOGFAS training summary table

Mobile Training Team Remote Learning Capability
Self-paced learning Live remote training
Internet access Not required Required Required
Feedback Live Email Live
On-demand access No Yes No
Course availability All standard and
tailored courses
Currently limited All standard and
tailored courses

For more information or questions about our options, availability, or pricing please contact us directly.