JEDI Movement Center Europe

The JEDI Movement Center Europe (JMCE) leverages the capabilities and relationships of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command (TSC), and the innovation and flexibility within industry to rapidly enable improved interoperability of forces through a data driven, virtual integration of disparate Automated Information Systems (AIS).

What is the JMCE?

The JEDI Movement Center Europe (JMCE) operates within the US Army 21st Theater Sustainment Command (TSC) using a hybrid Government and Industry model, leveraging the automation and expertise provide by Nexus and our Team JEDI partners.


Provides a consistent cadre of personnel for expanded integration with European partners for employment of United States (U.S.) forces and equipment without adding burden to military planners  
Facilitates data sharing with partner nations during transportation and movement in the European Union (EU) theatre in order to anticipate impact and provide awareness  
Eliminates redundant data entry, with associated latency and errors  
Integrates of logistics chain capabilities to reduce redundancy and improve multinational logistics support to deployed North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces  
Improves, when appropriate, the alignment of U.S. and NATO planning processes 
Facilitates current 21st TSC business processes by leveraging new designs, tools and technologies.  
Establishes Logistics Functional Area Systems (LOGFAS)/NATO planning process Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who serve at a Multi-National Data Logistics Center of Excellence for United States Army Europe and Africa (USAREUR-AF) 
Provides established digital process(s) that are continually updated for best practices that maintain institutional knowledge that can be lost from personnel attrition and turnover 

JMCE Enhances Digital Persistence  

Digital persistence is the ability to capture, share, utilize, and maintain data digitally between and among partners with no air gaps or manual interventions through the life cycle of the captured data.

This enables the process of recognition, decision, and reaction to have access to the greater context of information that is critical to precision logistics, while eliminating the effort and errors associated with duplicate data entry.

JEDI and Similar Solutions 

The JEDI construct is a proven data interoperability process that enables digital persistence at data transition points across functional, joint, interagency, and multinational domains or between organizations. 

The JMCE champions the implementation of JEDI processes and technology that can be employed to enhance multinational logistic capabilities through data interoperability such as JEDI-X 

Leverage LOGFAS

LOGFAS is an established NATO-developed suite of logistics tools that uses a common database to support deployment planning and execution and sustainment planning, execution, and reporting.  The JMCE serves as the 21st TSC LOGFAS Center of Excellence and, to effectively leverage LOGFAS, the JMCE provides: